Bible Memory Games Series #1- Clothes Pin Game

Scripture memory is such an important part of our Christian Faith!  It is vital to pass our beliefs to the next generation.  Sometimes, I wonder what would happen if there were not any more Bibles.  Would we remember The Word?  How much of it could we recollect?  I know for myself, many of the verses that I remember, I learned as a child in a scripture memory club.  These verses are still with me today!  How malleable the mind of a child must be.  Recently, I came up with a few games to help my children and others learn memory verses.  Most of the materials I used, I was able to get a the Dollar Store. Here is the first game:

Clothes Pin GameClothes Pin Game

Materials:  Pack of clothes pins, hanger, sharpie marker

How to Create the Game:

  1.  Pick a verse that you want your child (or yourself) to memorize.
  2. Write one word from the verse at a time on each clothes pin.
  3. After you have written all the words, put them in order.
  4. Have the child read the verse.
  5. Put the words out of order on the hanger.
  6. Have the child put the words back into order.
  7. Continue to practice, practice, practice!

This is the first in a series of ways to memorize the Bible.  How do you have you kids or yourself memorize the Bible?




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