Speed Cube 2 x 2 Puzzle Game

Today I am going to review a new, fun puzzle that we received this week.  This puzzle cube is like a rubix cube.  It is a smaller version.  It is 2 rows by 2 rows.  We really like playing with cubes.  They are fun to take on trips or to have when you are bored.  This cube is very smooth.  The pieces don’t get stuck like some cubes do.  You can also turn the corner cubes when you get stuck.  You may be able to solve the puzzle easier!  Overall, this is a nice product.  The packaging came with a cute box, tag, and ribbon for gift giving.  It also had instructions.  A lot of care went into the packaging which, I appreciated.  This cube is priced at 4.99.

Here is the link to the cube!       2 X @ Cube

Speed Cube 2 X 2 Puzzle Game

I received this toy at a discount for an honest review.


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