$4.00 Fabulous Fall Rag Wreath

I love to make wreaths!  I love to create a new look for my home every season.  Whenever I look online, I think… I can make that for so much less!  So, today I want to show a tutorial of how I recently made a new fall wreath for around $4.00!


Wreath form- $1.00 at Dollar Tree

3 Fat Quarters- $.97 at Walmart

Total- $3.91 + tax!

You will also need scissors, a cutting mat or a ruler.


Fabric 10

Steps for a Fabulous Four Dollar Fall Rag Wreath

Step 1

Unroll the fat quarter.  Cut into three equal pieces.

Fabric 1

Step 2

Cut the three equal pieces into strips about an inch wide.  I used a cutting mat but you could also use a ruler.

Fabric 3

Step 3 

Begin to tie the strips around the wreath.  I started on the inside of the wreath and worked my way outward.

Fabric 4

Step 4

Continue to cut through all three fat quarters.  Continue tying the strips to the wreath. Tie the strips so that the most colorful side of the fabric is out.

Fabric 6

Step 5

Keep tying around the whole wreath until it is complete.  I had enough strips to fill out 3 rings of the wreath.  The last outside ring of the wreath was not filled but, you cannot tell.  Three rings will make the wreath thick enough.  Hang up your wreath and enjoy!

Fabric 9Do you like to create wreaths?  What are your favorite types?  Please leave your comments below!



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