That Time I used Ibotta and Other Apps to Pay for My Cinco De Mayo Dinner and a Bunch of Other Stuff…

E184BEB8-75A1-4458-9E7D-7D15DE591597.jpegSo, I love rebate apps.  My favorite ones are Ibotta, Checkout 51, Saving Star, and Fetch.  I also have the app and all of my local grocery store apps.  You can save a LOT of money using these with each other.  With Ibotta, you can use a coupon and the app!  Sometimes there will be a coupon, a rebate on Ibotta and a rebate on Checkout 51 all at the same time!  Today I wanted to challenge myself to see how much I could save/ get with the rebate app Ibotta and coupons.  I had a gift card to start that I had already earned that was worth $20.00.  So, I looked at my favorite coupon website ( to see what they had that would match up with coupons that I had and rebates in Ibotta.  I clicked all the rebates that I wanted and made my list.  I came away with the haul pictured for $2.71.  I claimed the first set of rebates and then used the 20.00 gift card.  Then I claimed another 20.00 worth and used a second gift card.  It was fun to see how far I could get!  If you are not using Ibotta and would like to, you can use my code:  ekebnhr.  As of this writing, I will get $5.00 for referring a friend.  You will get $10.00 for joining!

This is the link for Ibotta with my code:

Here is what I was able to get today:

Some highlights:

  •  The Purex was 6.97.  There were $3.00 off of 2 bottle peelies on them.  There was also an Ibotta rebate for $4.00.  So the total cost was 3.47 per bottle.
  • The Canada Dry was $1.00 Each.  There were coupons on to get $1.00 off of 2.  There was also an Ibotta rebate for $.25 for each Canada Dry.  So, the total was $.25 each!
  • The Pace Salsa was $1.98 for the regular salsa.  There was a $.50 rebate on Ibotta for this.  There was also a 1,000 pt reward (equal to a dollar) on the Fetch app.  So, that makes the total $.48.
  • The Yoplait Yogurt Mix ins were $1.00.  There was a $1.00 rebate on Ibotta for these, making them free.  There is also a coupon on for this item.
  • The Kale was $1.25.  There was a $.25 rebate on Ibotta, making these $1.00.

Some of the items, I was able to pay with the extra money on the gift cards.  This is how I paid for my Cinco De Mayo Meal!

How do you save money?  Do you use rebate apps?  Do you have a favorite?  I would love to hear!

Happy Saving!

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