Plarn from Grocery Bags- A Frugal Crochet Project

Oh the plastic bag.  Love it/ hate it.  Mostly hate it.  But, somehow we end up with so many of them.  I have tried to use cloth bags.  But, I believe I am not organized enough.  This is a poor excuse, I know.  Last summer we went to San Diego.  Many stores there do not even have plastic bags available to shoppers.  It was shocking to me.  Which is sad.  When we lived in Germany many years ago, we recycled EVERYTHING.  I mean everything because we even had a “bio bag” that had food scraps, and compost-able items that we were supposed to put in… um yeah we tried a few times…. But we did get good at recycling plastic, cans, metal, paper, and sorting all of these items.  I remember when we came home after almost 6 years, it actually felt sinful to put a can in the trash.  We need to go back to that.

Anyways, for Earth Day this year, I decided I would use up my plastic bags for a better cause.  I decided to change several of them into plarn and crochet a iPad bag.  The most time consuming part of making the bag was actually making the plarn.  I followed the instructions on this website:

Her method was to cut the bags into strips by folding the bag.  Then you cut them into circles.  You next loop the circles together.  The knot is there but it is not hard to work with.  I actually enjoyed this project quite a bit.  It made me feel like I was saving the world somehow.  I will make this project again.  Oh and it took about 40-50 bags, I would say.


So, how do you reduce plastic waste in your home?  Do you try to recycle?  Have you been successful with using cloth bags at the grocery store?

Happy Recycling!!


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