Coupons= Frugal Mother’s Day Gift

Bouquet Final

I wanted to make a quick fun gift for my mother in law for Mother’s Day from the kids.  I had a lot of candy coupons.  I went to Walmart to see what I could get.  I was able to get a bunch of candy very frugally and make it into a Mother’s Day Bouquet.  I had priced these out at another grocery store in the floral department.  They were $19.99!!


When I went to Walmart, I was able to get some inexpensive candy:

  • Oreo Milka Bars- $1.00 each minus $.55 coupon= $.45 Each
  • Hershey’s Gold Bars-  $.78 Each minus $1.00 off= $.28 Each
  • Tic Tacs- $1.14 minus a $.50 coupon plus at $.50 Ibotta Rebate= $.14 Each

The Reeses was from Walgreens when I needed an extra item it turned out to be $.65

The vase was an upcylced prigles  can.  I had the other materials on hand.

Bouquet Materials

I began by covering the Pringles Can with the shelf paper.  I had this leftover from another project as I did the ribbon, washi tape and the foam wreath form.

Bouquet jar

Then, I added cut up pieces of the wreath form.  I stuck the pencils in the wreath form.

Boquet foam

I then put all the pencils in.  I taped the candy bars to the pencils.  I added in the tuelle and the ribbons that I had on hand.  I glued it in place with the hot glue gun.

Bouquet Final

I like how it turned out and I think she will like it.  It is not as fancy as the $19.99 one at the grocery store.  But, it used up materials I had, recycled an item, and cost $2.53 to make!!

What do you do for Mother’s Day?  Do you make gifts?  Do you find a way to use coupons to be able to give gifts?

Happy Mother’s Day!



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  1. I love the idea of those bouquets. I am now thinking about making one for my young adult nephew for his birthday. I may put a few bills instead of candy bars in there as well if I get it done. They could be rolled up like roses or something:)

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