Hiking… a Free, Fun, Family Activity

We have a wonderful nature center by our house.  It is about 8 minutes away by car.  Every time I go there, I forget for an hour or so about the hustle and bustle of the world around us.  It is funny because it is right off a main roadway.  But, when you are there you forget that you are in the middle of a suburb.  Animals come out that you don’t normally see.  Bugs are plentiful.  There is a pond that the kids can throw rocks in.  Whenever I am there I think, I need to come here more.  And then, I go back to my busy world and forget.  But I really need to go there more.  And other places like it… and so do my kids.

Here are some highlights from today.  We live in the beautiful state of Colorado.

Nature Walk 1

Nature Walk 3

Nature Walk 6

Nature Walk 4

Nature Walk5

Do you have a nature center near you?  Do you enjoy these sorts of places?  Where have you taken your family on a nice walk?

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