5 Sunday Sanity Preps for the Week

Lunch Preps

Whenever I think of it, I try to prep for my week in various ways.  Part of being a frugal, intentional mom means thinking ahead.  The more I can set up for the week ahead, the better the week usually goes.  Here are 5 Sunday Preps that I did tonight to try to help cull the chaos of the week ahead.

#1 Snack and Lunch Prep

I have two school age children that need lunches for school every day.  I usually let them have a hot lunch on one day a week.  But, I try to save it for the truly chaotic nights.  If I can have them prep some snack bags and sandwiches ahead of time, we are much better off.  We bag up cereal, crackers, chips, veggies, fruit slices, and anything else that can fit in a small zip bag.

#2 Breakfast Prep

When I can, I try to set out the non-perishable elements of a healthy breakfast for my kids.  My children need to get to school by 7:25 and 8:30 am.  I am not much of  morning person.  So to be realistic with myself, I need to set out items ahead of time.  This ensures that they eat something besides a granola bar as they walk out the door.

#3  Fill Water Bottles

I try to encourage my kids to drink water throughout the day, at school.   If they have their own water bottles ready to go, the chances of this actually happening are much higher.

#4 Freeze Lunch Boxes

My kids use the Pack It Lunch Boxes.  I actually love these and they have been well used.  The cold items stay cold until lunch in these.  I often pack them meat and cheese sandwuches and I feel safer if they have been sitting in these lunches boxes all morning.

#5  Find Socks

Oh man, ready to-go-socks can make or break our morning routine.  I must make sure that my kids have their socks ready to go the night before or we are headed for a morning of trouble!

What do you do to prep for your week to save money, time, and/ or sanity? Do you involve your children in these tasks?

Have a Great Week!


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