Free Wood Pallets and A Project

Colorado 3The other day I was driving to lunch.  A update of free pallets came on my Facebook.  There are a few things that I am on the continual hunt for.  One of them is free pallets.  You can set your Facebook settings to alert you if one of the items you are looking for becomes available.  I think this is such a cool feature!  Anyways, I drove over to see what she had.  She had a whole garage full of pallets!  I just took 3 because, I could only fit 3 in my mini van.  I brought them home and started looking for project ideas on Pinterest.  I had seen these Colorado wood signs before.  So, I decided to give it a try!  Here is how I made my pallet signs.

Materials:  reclaimed wood, sander, reciprocating saw, paint, wood screws, drill, stencil for the Colorado “C”, pencil, paint brushes

Step One:  First I had to cut the wood from the wood paletts.  I had watched a You Tube Video about this.  He said to use a reciprocating saw.  So, I cut the wood apart.  The saw can cut trough the nails.  Be careful!!

Colorado 5

Step Two:  Next, I removed all the nails that were poking out.

Step Three:  I sanded the wood. I wanted to get rid of all of the sharp edges.  I used an electric sander.

Step Four:  I drilled some wood to the back of the signs with the wood screws, for stabiliy.  This took me awhile to get right.

Colorado 4

Step Five:  I painted the sign.  I used the Colorado Colors.  I then cut out my C for Colorado from some scrap cardboard.  I used a plate and a bowl to trace around to make the stencil.

Colorado 1

Step Six:  I traced the “C” with a pencil, very lightly.  Then, I painted it in.  I also painted the yellow circle inside the C.

Step Seven:  I will put a hanging fastener on the back!

Voila… You have a sign!  I was proud that I could accomplish this for very little and I think they turned out nice enough to use as a gift.  I also have a ton of scrap wood still that I want to make other signs out of.  I have started to make some letters from my Cricut Machine to do this!

Colorado 2



How about you?  Do you make scrap wood projects?  Do you recycle materials to use for crafts?  I would love to hear about it!

Happy Crafting!


Materials to Help in this Project:

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