How I Made $125.48 this Month from Apps and Mystery Shopping

Well, it is almost the end of the month!  I like to tally up the earnings from the month at the end of the month.  There are several apps that I use to make a little side money.  Most of these are done by running videos, doing small surveys or clicking on tasks.  This month I also added mystery shopping to the mix!  This was a fun way to earn as well.  Here is what I earned this week and how:

#1 Field Agent App- $21.00

This app is actually somewhat fun.  You download it from the app store (I have an IPhone).  This one has you go to area stores and do small tasks.  Sometimes the task is take a picture of a display.  Sometimes you have to order something.  I use my grocery money to order items that I would have anyways.  There are always jobs in my area.

#2  Swagbucks- $25.00

I cashed out $25.00 this month in Swagbucks.  This is a website that lets you earn money for taking surveys, watching videos, and clicking on various websites.  I follow a couple of groups on Facebook to see where there are some good chances to get points.  I can usually cash out about $25.00 a month this way.  If you want to try Swagbucks my referral link is:

#3  Mystery Shopping-  $54.23

I added a new way to make money this past month by mystery shopping.  I have been using the site:  This is a legitimate site that I have received two paychecks from, so far.  They pay one time a month.  There are a lot of jobs where you go buy a fast food meal, rate the customer service and place, and get reimbursed for the shop and another amount for doing the job.  There are tons of jobs in my area for this.  Most of the jobs pay $5-10.  You do need to keep your receipts and take pictures, but these are easy jobs.  I like to do these when I am working and would have bought fast food anyways.

#4  Earning Station- $25.00

I just started this site last month.  I was able to cash out $25.00 in a month or so.  This app is very similar to Swagbucks.  You can earn money by watching videos, printing coupons, doing a list of daily tasks.  To me, it runs better than Swagbucks.  There is also a feature where you earn a bonus after 10 days of earning a certain amount.  The bonus is one dollar and goes up every 10 days.  This is easy to reach if you remember to do it every day.  If you would like to try Earning Station, my referral code is: 1604393.  This is the web address:

Earning Station

#5  IQ App- $.25

I keep this app on my phone because it is so easy.  Every week or two (for me) a question pops up.  If you catch it and answer it, they deposit $.25 in your account.  This goes immediately to your Pay Pal account.  Yes, it is only a quarter.  But if I saw one on the street, I would pick it up!  If you would like to try IQ, here is my referral link:

That is a total of $125.48.  You could do more with all of these sites if you had the time!  Except maybe the IQ App.  That one you can only do it when they send you a question.  I hope maybe you found a new way to make money!  What apps do you like?  Are there any referral codes I could try for someone else?

Happy Earning!


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  1. Hi Liz, it is getting late here but tomorrow I will come back and try all the links you posted. Thanks for the referral s. I look forward to trying something new. Every little bit counts.

  2. Hi Liz,
    Thanks for sharing about the apps and putting your referral code. I am not super thrilled with Swagbucks so I will think over the Earning Station one. Sounds like it might be a better fit. The IQ app sounds really interesting too. Will definitely check these out!

    Hope your week is going well!

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