How to Earn $25.00 A Month On Earning Station

Hello Frugal Friends,

Today I wanted to write about a new money making site I recently found.  I have tried it out for the past month and was able to cash out $25.00 in 30 days.  Will this site make you rich?  No, definitely not.  But will it pay for a few groceries, a couple of piano lessons or put half a tank of gas in your car?  Yes!!  This new to me site is called Earning Station.  This site has been around since 2011.  This site is called a GPT or get paid to site.  It pays you for clicking on offers, taking surveys, watching videos and other offers.  This site pays in Pay Pal which for me, was in less than a day.  They also have several other gift cards to cash out with such as Applebees, Target, Amazon, Subway, Office Depot, AMC, Starbucks and tons of others.  The smallest amount that you can cash out with is $10.00.

In order to participate in Earning Station, you need to create a new account.  This is on the right side of this page:

On the top, click on JOIN

Earning Station 5

Once you put in your email, create a password, and complete the capatcha, you are in!  Then, you will get to a screen that says they need a little more information, press, “get started.”

Then, you will come to a screen like below where you need to put in a referral code.  If you would like, I would love it if you could put in my code which is:  1604393.  This helps me to earn more and does not cost you anything.  Here is the screen:

My referral

After this page, there are a few more profile questions to get set up.  Then, you need to go to your email that you set up the Earning Station account with and confirm your account.  After this, you will be all set up to start earning.

So on to how to earn $25.00 per month:

  • Daily Task List-  Over on the left side, there is a daily task list.  On this list there is an opportunity to earn $.09 a day, every day by doing small tasks.
    • One is a daily poll that takes 10 seconds
    • One is a click on a daily video-  this will take you to S’mores TV which will give you a point for every 3 videos.
    • There is also a video channel underneath but this takes longer but gives 2 points
    • Daily Live Sample- you click on to get 1 point
    • Daily Dose-  you click no to the offers and at the end get 2 points
    • Daily Deal-  click on it and you will get 2 points
  • So total for this list is $.09 and it takes about 2 minutes. $.09 x 31 days is $2.79 per month.

Here is a picture of the To-Do List:

Earning Station 1

Now I’ll be honest, I have not been able to get the “Easy $10” to credit that is on this list.  But I will work on it and let you know.

  •  Videos-  Now there is a section for videos that on the top bar.  If you click on videos, it will give you 2 separate options.  One option is S’mores TV.  It has a little marshmallow icon on it.  For me these run for awhile.  So while I am cleaning, taking care of kids, etc.. I am playing these videos in the background.  For every 3 videos, you will receive 1 point.  This is very easy.  Every so often it will ask, “are you still watching?”   You just need to click yes and it will keep going.  It is very easy to earn at least $.50 a day if you are at home and can click it every so often.  So for this I will say, 31 days x $.50= $15.50 a month from this.
  • Another video option-  There is also a section of videos that play 10 videos and give you $.02 for every video.  This is another way to earn, it just takes a little longer.  After each set of these videos, you do have to answer a capatcha.  But, it is easy and if you are watching every so often, you can get a few in during housework or watching the kids.  So let’s say you do 5 of these per day at $.10 a day x 31 days= $3.10.
  • Now for the final kicker-  The Earning Streak section.  Above the Daily Task List, there is a section called, “Earning Streak”.  This section tracks how many days you have been able to reach the goal of $.25.  Since this is pretty easy to get, it should be easy to make your streak.  If you are able to get $.25 a day for 10 days in a row, you will get $1.00 and a spin awarded.  If you are able to get it for 20 days, you will get $1.25, and so on every 10 days up to $3.50.  According to their website, they will cap it at $3.50 and you will not go back down as long as you keep up your streak!  Here are the rules from their website:


Earning Streak 1

  • So if you are able to do this 3 times in a month, you will have $1.00 + $1.25 + $1.50= $3.75

Sooo, here are our mothly totals:

To- Do List- $2.79

S’mores Videos-  $15.50

Other Videos-  $3.10

Earning Streak-$3.75

Total= $25.14

As you can see, it is possible to earn over $25.00 a month one Earning Station.  It really doesn’t take too long, maybe 10 minutes a day at the most.  There are also other areas to earn money with.  I have not explored these options very much.  To me they seem hit or miss.  I know that the coupon print section does work.  If you are going to print coupons anyways, you can print them through this site and get more points for Earning Station.

So, what do you think?  Do you want to do a 31 day challenge and see if you can earn $25.00?  Please tell me if you take this on!  With these sites, I usually try them for at least a month and see what happens.  What could you do with an extra $25.00 at the end of June?

Happy Earning!



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  1. Liz, I am going to try this. I have several devices I can watch videos on while I am working on other things.

    • Sounds good!! I have a report for July that I will put up in a couple of days and it does work! Best luck!

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