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In the summer, I love that we have time to learn new concepts that my kid’s may not have had a chance to learn at school.  I love to create little learning opportunities for them.  My children are five years apart.  So, the activities that work best for both of them seem to be open- ended activities that can be made hard or easy.  I try, at the beginning of the summer, to think about some kits that they would both enjoy.  This week we received a fun toy from Nature Gift Store, through Amazon.  It was their Live Blue Gel Habitat.  We have had such a fun week noticing all the changes in the habitat.  When we first received it, the gel was solid blue.  After loading the ants into it, I poked a couple of very small holes into the gel.  Right away, the ants went to town digging tunnels, moving the gel around and creating their new home.  We are on day five now and they are still enjoying their gel paradise.

Ants 4.jpg

This kit came with the following:

  •  Ant gel habitat-  this gel contains all the nutrients for the ants… no food or water needed
  • 25 live ants-  these are in a tube that comes with the kit
  • a small hole poking tool
  • a small magnifying glass
  • an instruction book

The habitat is easy to set up.  My 12 year old did this.  They start digging pretty much as soon as you add a couple of holes.

Ants 5

This activity has been fun to pair with some learning activities such as:  journaling the progress of the ant tunnels, reading about ants, and drawing a picture of the ants.

Ants-2-164846571-1528487194278.jpg    Ants-3.jpg

Overall, this is a fun kit  that I would recommend.  It is a fun way to do science in your own kitchen!

You can find the Blue Gel Habitat by clicking on the link.  I do receive a small commission if you order from my Amazon affiliate link and it does not cost you extra.

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What science projects do you like to do in the summer?  Have you started any yet?  I look forward to your comments!

Have a wonderful day!


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