How to Get Free Books from Tyndale- My Reader Rewards Club

Today I was so excited when I opened the mail!  I had received a package but I couldn’t remember if I had ordered anything.  When I opened it, it was 2 free books from Tyndale Publishing.  I had used a referral link about a month ago and signed up for the Tyndale My Reader Rewards Club.  I didn’t know if it would work because it seemed pretty simple and I couldn’t tell if the books I ordered were shipping or what.  But, today I received them!!  I am extra excited that this worked because I can donate some of the books I get to a church program that I run.

My Reader Reward Club is a program that you can sign up for to do small tasks to earn books.  Some of the tasks are the following:  subscribing to an email devotional, taking a quiz, joining the birthday club, and sharing the program with a friend.  In return for these small tasks, you will accumulate points.  Just by signing up with a referral link, you will get 25 points.  The free books start at 65 points.  So, it is easy to quickly earn enough points to get a free book.  I was able to get two from my first session of doing the quizzes, referrals, etc… The books that I ordered took about 4 weeks to get to me.  They are nice devotional books for kids.  My children will enjoy reading them.

If you haven’t tried Tyndale Rewards, this is my link where you will get 25 points to start.  Maybe you could save the books for a gift for later, or for a special surprise for someone!  Here are some of the titles of the free books currently available:

Free Books 1

Free Books 2

Free Books 3

Hopefully this helps someone get some wonderful, free books!

Have Fun!


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