How I Made $156.78 on the Side in June from Websites, Apps, Rewards, and Mystery Shopping

Are you looking for some extra pocket change?  Are you looking for some summer fun money?  I have some ideas to help!  It seems that everything costs more than it used to!  Or is it just me?  I think we also have higher expectations of ourselves than ever before.  I know I want to be able to provide all those extras for my kids:  cute school supplies, music lessons, a trip to an amusement park… the list goes on… But, we also have a budget.  We have other goals that I do not like to cut into.  So, how does one afford some extras?  Or, maybe even how does one afford the basics?  We all go through periods of time where money is tight, maybe through a job loss, less hours, or a change in circumstances.  These side money opportunities that I am going to list below will not be enough to live off of.  But, they may help pay an extra bill, send a kid to camp or pay for some school supplies this year.  Here are the ways that I was able to earn $156.78, in June from some “side gigs.”

#1  Mystery Shopping Through Jancyn– $15.00

Jancyn is a company that gives you opportunities to do mystery shopping.  It is completely free to sign up.  I did a job a few weeks ago where you go to a retailer and rate their service.  It does take several weeks to pay out.  But, I did get paid.  They paid through PayPal.  All of the mystery shopping I do is through free sites.

#2  Perk–  $10.00

I cashed out $10.00 worth of money from Perk through PayPal.  This is a GPT (get paid to) site that you earn from watching videos, completing free offers, doing surveys, taking quizzes, etc…  The Pay Pal option does cost a little extra than a gift card.  But I like cash…  Anyways, it is completely free.  I do not do the offers that cost money.  If you are interested, my affiliate link is here.  My favorite way to earn from Perk is to watch videos.  I have a spare tablet that I use for this.

#3  Qmee–  $.56

Qmee is a site where you download a browser extension.  When you visit websites, especially while shopping, it will show you the price of that item at another retailer.  If you click on the link, (when it has a dollar amount on it for clicking) it will allow you to earn a few cents for looking at that item.   There are also other ways to earn such as surveys.  I have a hard time qualifying for some but it is another way to earn.  I do not get very much from this site but what I do like is that you can cash out right away to Pay Pal.  If you sign up through my referral here the site says you will get $.50 and I will too.  This is as of today.  You have to cash out through Pay Pal for this.  The other thing I do like about this site is that it is passive.  I do not have to do anything but download the extension and click on the links when they show up.

#4  Earning–  $25.00.

I cashed out another $25.00 on Earning Station this month.  This has become one of my favorite website to earn on!  I mostly watch videos to earn.  I do this on my laptop.  I have a step by step article that will get you going on Earning Station here.  This is my 3rd month of cashing out $25.00.

#5–  $25.00

Ahh, Swagbucks, the old faithful.  I have been doing Swagbucks for years.  Swagbucks is another GPT (get paid to) site that you earn from doing surveys, taking quizzes, shopping online, and doing offers.  I do not do the offers that cost money.  Over the last maybe 4 years, I have made about $917.00.  It will not make you rich!  But you can earn!  The link above is my referral link.

#6  Mystery Shopping through–  $26.60

This is another mystery shopping site that I have joined.  It is free to join.   So far I have had mostly jobs that you go order a fast food order and get paid to try the item and tell about the service.  I plan these for when I will be out and about.

#7  1Q App–  $.25

This app sends me random questions to my phone.   It will give you $.25 for each question asked.  It pays immediately to Pay Pal.  It is totally passive and the questions pop up infrequently but it is so easy!

#8  Field Agent App–  $22.37

I really like this app.  It is similar to mystery shopping.  Many of the jobs have you go to a store, take a few pictures of something and then report about it.  It is super easy and kind of fun!

#9  Rewards from Credit Card-  $32.00

I also cashed out $32.00 from credit card points from my credit card.  I intentionally pay some bills on this card to get cash back.  Please only do this if you can be disciplined!  I pay off my balance every month.  It will not help you if you leave the balance on there and accrue more interest!

Total for Month-  $156.78

Most of this earning is passive.  I do have 2 kids and a part time job.  I just like to stretch our paychecks!  This is all money that I cashed out last month.  There are other sites that I earn with as well such as:

Ibotta–  Earn Money back from grocery purchases and other items

Checkout 51–  Another grocery cash back site

Shopkick–  Earn money by scanning barcodes at the store and walking into the store

Hopefully this helps someone!  I would love to hear about any websites, apps, or mystery shopping companies you use to make money!

Happy Earning!


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    • Thanks! Maybe you would like some of the others? Ibotta is really easy! Thanks for the comment!

  1. There were a few I don’t do. I will have to look into them. I also do Kelloggs rewards. You can put multiply cards on it so my sister and parent’s card are on my account. I earn gift cards for special treats.

    • I have done Kellogg’s rewards too! I try to redeem for high value coupons! Thanks for the comment!

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