My Review of Copper Chef Bake and Crisp Pan

I love kitchen gadgets.  I don’t know why.  But I love anything that helps me make food faster, easier, or more fun.  I guess it is because I spend a lot of time making meals.  If I have to do it so many times, it may as well be fun!  Anyways, my latest obsession is the Copper Chef line of products.  It started with the pots and pans for me.  I really like how non-stick they are.  I can cook an egg in my Copper Chef pan without using any spray!  I have the set pictured below.  I got it on sale last year around Christmas.  These pans have replaced my “regular pans”.

Recently, I came across the Copper Chef Bake and Crisp Pan.

Pan 1

This is a four piece set that comes with a lift tray, a slicing separator, a bake and roast pan and a lid.  I wanted to try it out for making brownies.  I was not disappointed!  I prepared a regular brownie mix that I had from Sam’s Club.  I placed the mix in the separators in the pan.  I baked and usual and voila!  Perfect brownies.

Pan 3

The only thing is they were a tiny bit sunk but I forgot, as usual, to adjust for our 6,000 ft. altitude so… that was my fault.  I pulled out the separator and had perfectly cut brownies!  They did not stick to the pan whatsoever.  I will definitely be trying other items in this pan!  They suggest cakes, lasagne, cornbread and mac and cheese.  Cornbread would be fun to try!!

The only drawback that I had is that the pan is a little small.  It did make 12 decent sized brownies but I think it would be smaller for a dish like lasagne.  But, I will have to see!

Do you like kitchen gadgets?  Which are your favorites?  Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen?  I would love to hear!

Happy Baking!


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