How I Made $215.93 In July with Apps, Websites, Rewards, and Selling Crafts

Well, it turns out that July was a great money making month for me!  This is great since we are dealing with hail damage on our vehicle, home, and back to school expenses.  I love to have a few, “side hustles.”  I especially like the apps and websites because I have two school age children at home that I need to be here for.  You never know when you might need some extra cash and these small ways do add up.  I hope you find something that will help and let me know if you try something new!  So here is how I earned this month:

Earning Station–  $50.00

I started this site on May 17th.  I have cashed out $25.00 four times since then so $100.00 in two and a half months.  I think this is pretty good!   This app is very similar to Swagbucks.  You can earn money by watching videos, printing coupons, doing a list of daily tasks.  To me, it runs better than Swagbucks.  There is also a feature where you earn a bonus after 10 days of earning a certain amount.  The bonus is one dollar and goes up every 10 days.  This is easy to reach if you remember to do it every day.  If you would like to try Earning Station, my referral code is: 1604393.  This is the web address:  I also have a step by step article on how to earn on Earning Station here.  This is called, “How to Earn $25.00 a month on Earning Station.”–  $25.00

Gotta love Swagbucks.  I have been doing Swagbucks for years.  Swagbucks is another GPT (get paid to) site that you earn from doing surveys, taking quizzes, shopping online, and doing offers.  I do not do the offers that cost money.  Over the last maybe 4 years, I have made about $942.00.  It will not make you rich!  But you can earn!  The link above is my referral link.

Ibotta–  $20.00

Ibotta is an app where you earn cash back from certain purchases.  If you have not signed up for Ibotta, you are missing out!  You can scan your receipt after you go to the store.  They have had items like cash back on apples, bananas, any cereal, any item, pizza, toiletries, and so much more.  My referral code is here if you would like to sign up!  You will get $10.00 once you start and redeem your first rebates!

 1Q App–$1.50

Q1 App is such an easy, fun money maker!  Every blue moon, a question will pop up on my phone.  There is a certain amount of time to answer it.  These are very easy questions.  They just do not pop up very often.  But, it literally takes like 10 seconds to answer and they deposit $.25 to my Pay Pal almost immediately.

Field Agent App–  $23.66

This app is a lot of fun.  This is usually mystery shopping or taking photos of displays.  There are also sometimes fast food and other restaurants where you can purchase a meal, rate it, and then get paid back for it.  There are a lot of jobs in my area but it is location specific.

Credit Card Rewards-  $28.67

Several years ago, I switched my credit card to one that earns decent cash back rewards.  Every month, there are certain purchases that I make on my card and pay them back immediately.  If you cannot be disciplined, this is not for you.  It has worked out great so far through.


Selling Crochet Items-  $32.00

This one, I am so excited about!  Last month I decided to try to sell some of my handmade creations at a consignment store.  I have been crocheting since I was about 8.  My friends and family always tell me I should try to sell…. Anyways, a couple of my items sold before they could put them on the sales floor!  Which was shocking but super fun!

InstaGC–  $20.00 in Amazon Gift Card

This is another GPT (get paid to) site.  It is similar to Earning Station and Swagbucks.  I mostly earn from this site by watching videos.   If you have an old laptop or computer, maybe you could try this!  There is a section called S’mores TV and also a section called Engageme.TV that I like to earn from.  For your first cashouts up to $50.00, you have cash out for something else like Amazon instead of Pay Pal.  In the future, I will use Pay Pal.  This is my referral link here.

Fetch Rewards– $5.00 in Walmart Gift Card

This is an app, similar to Ibotta, that gives cash back on purchases.  The app has some deals every week that you can redeem like currently- 1,500 points back on two Suave Hair Products.  This would be like $1.50 back. The other cool feature they have is that you can scan every receipt you get from the store.  Each of those gives you (currently) 25 points each, if there is not any additional items that give points on it.  25 points is equal to $.02.  So, if you combine the larger cash back purchases with regular $.02 for each receipt, you will get a reward pretty quick.  Rewards start at 3,000 points.  You also get 2,000 points when you sign up.  My referral code is GW1VN.  There is not a Pay Pal option that I saw so I cashed out to Walmart.

Walmart Savings Catcher App– $3.88 in Walmart Gift Card

I have the Savings Catcher App on my phone.  It is quick and easy to scan the bar code on the bottom of the receipt, after purchase.  This time it found a $3.88 price difference between the items I purchased and the price somewhere else.

 Qmee–  $.22

Qmee is a site where you download a browser extension.  When you visit websites, especially while shopping, it will show you the price of that item at another retailer.  If you click on the link, (when it has a dollar amount on it for clicking) it will allow you to earn a few cents for looking at that item.   There are also other ways to earn such as surveys.  I have a hard time qualifying for some but it is another way to earn.  I do not get very much from this site but what I do like is that you can cash out right away to Pay Pal.  If you sign up through my referral here the site says you will get $.50 and I will too.  This is as of today.  You have to cash out through Pay Pal for this.  The other thing I do like about this site is that it is passive.  I do not have to do anything but download the extension and click on the links when they show up. App– $1.00

If you use the app, you can get cash back on purchase that they support.  Sometimes, the item even ends up being free!  It takes sometimes a week for me to get the cash back, but it does work.

Dunkin Donuts Gift Card- $5.00

This is a funny one.  So, I had ran across on a blog talking about registering for  On this site, they are collecting information about caregivers and people with medical conditions.  Since my son is asthmatic, I filled it out.  They sent me a gift card for $5.00 for Dunkin Donuts.  They say they send out surveys and you can be compensated for them.  I have not received any yet.

Total for July:  $215.93

When I do these little tasks like answering the Q1 Question for $.25 it seems kind of silly but, look at how it all adds up!  This could pay a power bill (maybe not in the summer haha) or pay for some groceries!

I also am trying to think ahead for Christmas and use some of the gift cards here and there for small gifts to stash away.

Do you use apps or websites to earn?  Which ones are your favorite?  If you try out something new, I would love if you would leave me a comment!

I hope you find a helpful way to earn!


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