11 Freebies Today! 9/3/18


I love freebies!  Do you?  I like to use the free samples when we travel or to make a little gift for someone.  I love to do the free activities with my kids.  There are always lots of freebies around, if you hunt for them!  Here are some that I was able to find today!  All of these are available as of today but this could change at any time.

Free Sock Dog Craft Kit

This looks like such a fun freebie to do with my kids!

Sock Dog


Free Workman’s Friend Skin Cream Sample

Free sample of skin cream.  You must add to cart and checkout.

Skin Cream


Free ORGANIC Maca Super Root Powder

Free root powder.  This takes you to Facebook where you can request a sample.

Root Powder


Free Back to Nature Snacks

Fill out a form and say why you are interested in this snack and see if they send you a coupon for a full sized product.

Back to nature snacks


Free Audible By Amazon Trial for a Month

We love Audible!  My 12 year old loves to listen to audiobooks.  We have been using Audible to listen to some!  You can try this for a month for free and see if you like it.  If you don’t you can just turn off the subscription.  I usually like to mark my calendar to remember to shut it off before the trial ends!




Free Make Up Eraser Sample

For this offer you just have to click the link and add to cart and check out.  There is no credit card required.

Free Sample


Free Family Radio Stickers, Bible Reading Plan and More

Fill out your address and pick which materials you are interested in!

Family Radi


Free Materials when you Earn Points from Tyndale My Reader Rewards Program

This is a great site where you can get rewards for doing quick tasks like doing an email subscription, inviting a friend, joining the birthday club, and more.  You can earn free from the points for books including Bibles and devotional books.  If you sign up through my link above, you will earn 25 points right away.  It is possible to earn a book from just a few tasks!

My Reader


Free Joyce Meyers 2018 Calendar

For this offer, you just fill out your address and information.

Joyce Meyers


Free Chick-Fil-A 8 Piece Nuggets

I got this today!  You will need to download the Chick-Fil-A App on your phone.  Then, you will have a reward on the app of the 8 piece nuggets.

Chic Fil A App

Free Know Better Cookie

Fill out the form for a free cookie.

know better cookie


What do you think?  I think this was a fun list of freebies for this week!  I hope that you found something that you like!  Let me know!!

Happy Freebie Finding!




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