How I Made $143.23 In Apps, Websites, Recycling, and Credit Card Rewards in September

This month my earnings from websites were down quite a bit.   However, this is not because of the apps and websites, but because of the time I didn’t have to spend on them!  However, overall it was a good month and I have some money to put into savings that I didn’t have before!  Here are the apps, websites, and other ways I earned on the side, in the month of September.

Earning Station: $25.00

Earning Station has been a very consistent earner for me since I began to try it a few months ago.  I almost made it to another cash out by the end of September but I should get one today or tomorrow!  Anyways, Earning Station is a lot like Swagbucks where they pay you to watch videos, take surveys, take polls and much more.  I like to watch the S’mores Videos and the other video sections.  This earns me enough every day to make my daily goal.  There are great incentives for making the goals every 10 days!  I have a full review of Earning Station here, if you are interested.  My referral code is: 1604393.


Earning Station Proof

Swagbucks: $10.00

The beginning of the month was kind of slow with Swagbucks in September.  It has picked up for me though because the Encrave Videos have been working very well for me.  They will run for awhile, if you have them!  This is under the “Discover” section.  Swagbucks is always a consistent earner for me.   I try to do the easiest stuff and don’t really do the offers.  You can shop and get cash back, do surveys, watch videos on apps and computers, play games, and lots more.  If you would like to sign up, please click here!


Swagbucks proof 2


Market Force Mystery Shopping: $15.80

Market Force is a Mystery Shopping site that you can book jobs on,  go do them, and then file a report.  The jobs I do most often are the fast food evaluation jobs.  They usually have you order from a certain menu and then evaluate the service, quality of the food, cleanliness, etc… They are really easy as long as you pay attention to the details and complete the report before the end of the day.  They reimburse you for the cost of the meal and pay you on top of that as well.  If this sounds interesting you should check out their website!  They do take a month to cash out of so if you earn one month, you get the check the next month.

Credit Card Rewards Points- $52.00

Several years ago, I switched my credit card to one that earns decent cash back rewards. Every month, there are certain purchases that I make on my card and pay them back immediately. If you cannot be disciplined, this is not for you.  It has worked out great so far through.  I use this for gas and groceries especially, since they give double rewards for those.

Walmart Savings Catcher App- $11.47

The Savings Catcher App is very easy to use.  After shopping just scan your receipt where is says “Savings Catcher.”  It takes that app a couple of days but it will look for ads in your area that have a cheaper option than what you bought.

InstaGC: $3.00 In Amazon Gift Cards

This is another GPT (get paid to) website like Swagbucks and Earning Station.  You earn money by doing surveys, watching videos, completing offers and more.  I like to use the video section.  I didn’t do much with this site this much but every little bit counts!  If you would like to try InstaGC please consider using my referral code here.

Earn Honey: $5.00

I was able to cash out $5.00 from Earn Honey this month.  I like Earn Honey beaceus it has a video section that you can usually run for awhile.  If you are interested in Earn Honey click here.

Coupons.Com App:  $3.01

I use the app to scan items and it gives cash back.  There were two items this month that they had a full rebate for on my app.

Field Agent App: $5.00

This app is a lot of fun.  This is usually mystery shopping or taking photos of displays.  There are also sometimes fast food and other restaurants where you can purchase a meal, rate it, and then get paid back for it.  There are a lot of jobs in my area but it is location specific.

YooRewards: $7.10

YooRewards is a video app for your android phone.  You can download it from the Google Play Store here.  All you can really do is run videos on this app. The videos add up as points that can be converted to cash.  It adds up but it is very slow.  If you have an old, extra Android Device though, you could try this app!  It pays in PayPal and it takes a couple of weeks to get.  But, I have been paid by them.

1Q App: $.25

1Q App is such an easy, fun money maker!  Every blue moon, a question will pop up on my phone.  There is a certain amount of time to answer it.  These are very easy questions.  They just do not pop up very often.  But, it literally takes like 10 seconds to answer and they deposit $.25 to my Pay Pal almost immediately.

Recycling Cans: $1.60

I am a big Diet Coke drinker.  So, I go through phases of trying to recycle the cans.  This was one bag of cans.

Perk.Com: $4.00

I cashed out $2.00  worth of money from Perk through PayPal.  This is a GPT (get paid to) site that you earn from watching videos, completing free offers, doing surveys, taking quizzes, etc…  The Pay Pal option does cost a little extra than a gift card.  But you can cash out without additional cost by cashing out $2.00 per day to Pay Pal.  Anyways, it is completely free.  I do not do the offers that cost money.  If you are interested, my affiliate link is here.  My favorite way to earn from Perk is to watch videos.  I have a spare tablet that I use for this.

So, I think that is it for September!  I guess I didn’t do too bad!  What are your favorite earning sites?  I would love to hear!

Happy Earning!


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