10 Fun Trick or Treat Alternatives to Candy

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I love to go Trick or Treating with my children.  It is fun to go around the neighborhood and talk to people.  They love to see the children in their costumes.  In our neighborhood, it is a fun evening of seeing friends and having fun.  The kids love to get candy!  But, sometimes when I look at the piles and piles of candy, I think about their poor teeth and my dental bill!  In the past few years, I have tried to get away from giving out so much candy out at our house.  I try to give little goodie bags out of other things like pencils, erasers, and other fun treats.  I also try to start looking around early for these treats that I am going to give out.  Today, I want to give a few fun ideas for some treats that don’t cost a lot and will also keep you out of the dentist chair… or at least your neighbor’s kids out!!

Play-Doh, Treat-Without-the-Sweet, Halloween Bag, 15 1-ounce Cans

Play-Doh is a fun activity for everyone!  My teen and my 7 year old both still like to play with Play- Doh!

50 Pieces Halloween Assorted Stamps Kids Self-Ink Stamps (25 DIFFERENT Designs, Plastic Stamps, Trick Or Treat Stamps, Spooky Stamps) for Halloween Party Favors, Game Prizes, Halloween Goodies Bags

These stamps would be fun for crafty kids to play with and make cards and other stationary!

60 Mini Halloween Notepad for Kids Trick or Treat Party Favors 6 Designs Pumpkin Candy Corn Ghost Spiders Black Cat Witch Spiral Notebook School Supplies By Gift Boutique

Glow sticks are always a hit on Halloween.  My kids take glow sticks with them when we go out Trick or Treating.

iFUNow 72 Pack Halloween Bags Bulk for Halloween Goodie Bags, Halloween Candy Bags, Halloween Treat Bags, Halloween Trick or Treat Bags, Halloween Party Favors Bags, Halloween Goody Bags

BESTOYARD Jumping Wind Up Toy Halloween Goody Bag Wind Up Toys Assorted Mini Toy Preschool Toy For Kids Gift Pack 12PCS

Wind up toys are a lot of fun.  My daughter’s speech teacher always had some on hand for her speech lesson.  She would always choose to play with the wind up toys.

Mini Cube, Puzzle Party Toy, Eco-Friendly Material with Vivid Colors,Party Favor School Supplies Puzzle Game Set for Boy Girl Kid Child, Magic Cube Goody Bag Filler Birthday Gift Giveaway

4E’s Novelty 12 Bast travel sized board games. These Magnetic Games Set Contains all of your classic favorites: Chess, Checkers, Tic-tac-toe, Backgammon and Chinese checkers are included. 5″,

My kids love travel games!  These are fun to take on short or long trips and the magnetic pieces are easier to keep track of!

BUDI 15Pc Halloween LED Necklaces Party Favors For Kids and Adults with Gift Package Halloween Light up toys Treat Bag Fillers

Glow in the dark necklaces are always fun for Halloween Night!


These would be fun for the kids to take on their Halloween night!

So what do you think?  Do you give out Trick or Treat Candy?  Have you thought of any alternatives?  I would love to hear what you like to give out!

Happy Early Halloween!!


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