How I Made $176.33 in October from Websites, Apps, Selling Crafts, and More!

Wow!!  October was a crazy month here!  We moved into a new house and packed and moved an entire household worth of stuff.  But we are here now.  So, here is my side gig report for October.  Hopefully I can get back on track with my earnings but this was pretty ok even so!  Here are the apps, websites and ways that I earned last month!

Earning Station- $25.00

This has been very consistent for me!  I put the videos on and let them run so I can at least reach my daily goal.  I also try to do the daily check list.  You get a bonus with every 10 day streak.  I had made it up to $3.00 but lost the streak when we moved and didn’t have internet for a few days.  This is an easy, passive earner though.  If you want to try it, check out my article I wrote here with step by step instructions on how to earn!  My referral code is: 1604393.

Payment Proof:

Earning Station Proof

Swagbucks- $35.00 (Amazon $10.00 and Pay Pal $25.00)

Swagbucks is always a winner for me!  I run a lot of videos, do the daily check list, and play games.  I like to leave the videos on while I am working.  If you do not have Swagbucks already, they are running a promotion right now.  If you sign up with my code:, you will get $3.00 when you earn 300 points.  300 points is so easy to earn!  Make sure you run the videos on the S’mores channel under the discover section.  Also, make sure you do the daily checklist.

swagbucks proof 1

Selling Crafts-  $16.00

I sold an item at a craft shop that I consign items to.  This is something I would do anyways (crochet) so I try to sell a couple items a month to keep myself in a yarn supply haha.

Helping at my Son’s School- $5.00 for Starbucks

I received a $5.00 Starbucks gift card for helping at my sons school!  I didn’t expect it and would have helped either way.  But it was nice!

Perk-  $13.00 is an easy website to earn with.  You can earn gift cards by watching videos, playing games, doing surveys, etc… I mostly let the videos run while I am working.  It does not earn a ton but it is easy and passive!  If you want to try out Perk, please consider using my code:

Fetch Rewards- $13.00

I earned $13.00 this month from Fetch Rewards.  This app lets you earn by scanning your grocery receipts.  I also was able to earn a little from referrals.  They have a great referral program where you can earn $2.00 per referral.  When you sign up you also receive $2.00 in points.  The cashouts for the points start at $3.00.  So, this is great!  You can refer your husband, kids, etc…  and earn $2.00 per referral.  If you would like to try Fetch, here is my code:  GW1VN.  This is an app, so you need to download it from the App Store or Google Play onto your phone.  You can scan every grocery receipt you get to earn points!

Coin Out- $2.00 (Amazon gift card)

Coin out is a newer app for me.  You can scan EVERY receipt you get.  It can be fast food, grocery, mall stores, gas, etc… You will get a small amount for every single receipt.  It is usually $.01 or $.02 per receipt.  After about 8-10 receipts it will say that is enough receipts for today.  You can do them the next day, if you have more.  This is slow earning but very easy! Payment Proof: Coin out proof

Credit Card Rewards- $56.00

I have a card that I use and pay back immediately.  This month I was able to get $56.00 back in rewards.  I always pay off my balance each month.  We had a lot of moving expenses that I ran through my credit card.

1Q- $1.75

The 1Q app is super easy.  You can download it here.  Every so often, I will get a question or series of questions.  When I answer them, I immediately get $.25 put into my PayPal account.

Earn Honey- $5.00

I was able to cash out $5.00 from Earn Honey this month.  I like Earn Honey because it has a video section that you can usually run for awhile.  If you are interested in Earn Honey click here.

Walmart Savings Catcher App-  $4.58

The Savings Catcher App is very easy to use.  After shopping, just scan your receipt where is says “Savings Catcher.”  It takes that app a couple of days but it will look for ads in your area that have a cheaper option than what you bought. ** Note** I believe they have changed this and you now need to scan Walmart Pay and then submit your receipt.  I am still checking that out. Sooo…  what do you think?  Do you use any of these sites?  Do you know of any others?  These are the ones that I cashed out from this month.  I also use many others!  Let me know what you think! Happy Friday! Liz

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