How I Made $222.65 With The Field Agent App in 2018


Happy New Year’s to all! I wish you all a great New Year. What are your goals for 2019? Is one of them to make more income? Me too! We all can use a little extra to put into savings, to add to a goal, or pay off debt. In 2018, I tried a new to me app called Field Agent. I am always leery of any app in the beginning. Some of them are too good to be true. However, I have had good luck with Field Agent. So, I wanted to share my success with you. Maybe this is an app you would want to add to your money making strategy for 2019! Of course the disclaimer is that this app will not make you rich. If you put it with some other money making strategies, it will all add up!

So, first things first. You will need to download the Field Agent app from your App Store or from Google Play. This is a free app. You can also go to the website here. Once it is on your phone, you will need to enter some personal information to get all signed up. I also put in my account number for direct deposit for these jobs. I use a separate account from my regular account.

Now, once you are all signed up, you will be able to see jobs available under the “Find Jobs” tab. There are several types of jobs available. Now, I will say that it takes a little time to work up to decent job opportunities. The app works on a point “statistics” system. The more jobs you do and do correctly, the more points you will get. This will lead to more job opportunities. So, if you have a job in your area, take it! You want to build up their trust and your score with Field Agent.

My Recent Jobs List

Some types of jobs are the following:

Walmart Customer Service Jobs: For this one, you will go to a nearby Walmart. You will walk around the store and interact with employees. You will rate how your experience in the store is. This job may take 10-20 minutes. These pay anywhere from $5-$10.

Walmart In Store Pick Up Survey (Grocery): For this job, you order items from the Walmart Grocery Pick Up. You pick up the items at the allotted time. You will rate the pick up service. This type of job is good if you were already going to get groceries. Sometimes, they reimburse some for the shop and pay you to go. Usually, they pay about $5-10 for this job and sometimes reimburse $5 or so for items. With Walmart, you do need a $35 grocery order minimum. So, if you haven’t used their $10 off your first pick up order coupon, this will make the deal even sweeter!

Walmart In Store Pick Up Survey (Non Grocery): Similar to the above job, you will order an item from the store that can be picked up in the next couple of days. You rate the service that you receive when you pick up the item. I really like this job because it allows me to get some items for free. For example, if I wanted to get some yarn for a project, I order it, and ship it to the store. Then, I go pick it up. They usually pay from $5-$7 for me, so I can get free craft stuff!

Buy and Try: These are some of my favorite jobs. You will be given an item to go look at for at the store. You go and find it and try it out. I have tried out peanuts, jello, eggs, and probably more. You have to actually try the item and show the opened package. This is fun if you were going to the store anyways. They usually pay $4-$6 for this job and reimburse you for the item as well.

Scavenger Hunt: Honestly, I do not do these types of jobs. You have to go to the store to look for a very particular item. It seems a little much for me and the items are hard to find.

Real Estate Audits: I have done a couple of these. The job is that you go take a picture of a property from the outside. It is usually a rental or home for sale. This is an easy job and if you are in the area would be worth it. I wouldn’t drive way out of my way for it though. These jobs usually pay around $5.

Time Sensitive: With these jobs, you need to be in a certain place at a certain time. Usually these are store demos. They want pictures of the stand and the products being sampled. These pay around $5 as well.

Little Caesars Pizza Jobs: I love when these pop up. You have to catch them if you see them beacuse they go quick. Basically, you go to Little Ceasars and order a pizza. You need to follow the specific instructions that they give you like no extra toppings, no upgrades, etc… You get a recepit and usually take a picture of the pizza in the car. You then sample it and rate the taste, temperature, etc… I like to have these for dinner with the kids when I get them! For this job, you get about $5 and reimbursed for the pizza. Make sure to save your receipt!

Ticket Jobs: These are just quick surveys that enter you into a drawing. I do them if I think of it.

Bonus Opportunities: They also have a Bonus Opportunities section. If you complete a certain amount of some of the jobs, you can receive a bonus. I currently am working up to a $10 Bonus for pick up surveys and another $3 bonus.

Current Jobs I Have Available

Other Considerations about Field Agent

Overall, I really like Field Agent. I earn maybe $20 a month, or so, on this app. The jobs are easy enough and things I would do anyways. There are other jobs types that I have had in the past as well. These are the types of jobs that I currently have available. If you live in a large area, you will probably do better with this app than other areas. I always have jobs available, but I live in a larger city. The pay from Field Agent is a direct deposit. They have always paid me for the work that I did. The pay usually comes in 1-2 days to my account. There is not a referral program for this app. I have been able to email Field Agent and get a response about any questions that I had.

If you are looking for some easy cash, Field Agent may be your new favorite app!

Let me know what you think and if you try Field Agent!

Happy Money Making in 2019!


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