How To Use CoinOut App To get Cash Back on Every Purchase

Is anyone else a fan of Shark Tank? It is an ABC TV show where entrepreneurs go before a panel of millionaires. They pitch their idea or product to see if they can get help for their business. They are looking for help from the millionaires to push their idea to the finish line of success.

Recently, the CEO and founder of CoinOut, Jeffery Witten, went on Shark Tank to promote and get help with his app CoinOut. This episode aired on February 17th, 2018. Jeffery was able to procure the help of “Shark”, Robert Herjavec who gave him $250,000 for his business in exchange for 15% of the company. Such a fun show!

So what is CoinOut? According to their website, CoinOut is an app that helps you get cash back on every purchase. You snap a picture of any receipt: gas, clothing, convenience stores, grocery, any receipt where you purchase something. There are just a couple of exceptions like ATM receipts, lotto receipts but almost any receipt is accepted. For each receipt, you want to take a clear photo of the receipt so that they can see all the items, date of purchase, etc. They give a set amount of cash back for each receipt. Sometimes, it is $.01, sometimes it is $.12, you just never know. You also can scan receipts from online stores. This must be done the same day as the purchase, according to their website. Below are a couple of pictures that I have taken on my phone, after earning some change back:

As far as cash out, you can cash out to Amazon, Pay Pal and a bank account. For Pay Pal, you will need to have $10.00 before you can cash out.

Also, CoinOut has a great referral program. Currently it is $1.00 per referral. If you can get a friend to sign up under your code, you will be rewarded with $1.00 pretty much right away.

Overall, I think CoinOut is a great app. It is easy to use. It doesn’t reject receipts. The cash back is small but it will add up over time! It will add up even more quickly if you can get some friends to earn too!

If you are interested in CoinOut, go to your Google Play or Apple Store and download it! Please consider using my referral link here!

What do you think? Will you try CoinOut? I would love to hear!

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Happy Earning!


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