How I Actually Make At Least $25.00 Per Month on Swagbucks (With Screenshot Proof and Tips!)

Sometimes I read about an app or website that makes money and I think ok, how on earth do you actually do that? Maybe it is an app that I have tried and been unable to make money from. Or, maybe it is an app that I do make money from but the claim is so much higher than what I make, I have a hard time believing it! I would love to be able to see proof. The websites and apps that I use, I do not get rich from. But I like to earn a little easily for extras. It is not for everyone. But if you do want to see an honest tutorial, please read on!

So, before we start, I want to answer the why. Why would a person want to use a site like Swagbucks to earn some side money? Here are some reasons that I can think of.

To Help Make Ends Meet

According to a recent article on CNBC that was highlighted in response to the government shutdown, almost 80% (78%) of people live paycheck to paycheck. (Article Here) The article also states that women are especially vunerable in this area with 81% compared to 75% of men. Swagbucks is one strategy to help make the ends meet.

To Help Build An Emergency Fund

I attended a Dave Ramsey study last fall. One often discussed topic was along the lines of, “How do I build an emergency fund when we have no extra money?” We all know that we should have extra money set aside for emergencies. But, what if everything that comes in, goes back out? One way to deal with this is to make more money. Swagbucks will not make a ton, but it will be consistent if you work at it. If you make $25.00 a month, you do have a way to have $300 by the end of the year.

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You Can Work on Swagbuck From Anywhere

Maybe you are like me and have several times per day when you are waiting for a child coming out of the school. Or, maybe you have to take yourself or a family member to an appointment. Many of the Swagbucks activities can be done quickly in your car, while you are in the pick up lane, or at the doctor’s office.

Most Anyone Can Do This

Swagbucks is not hard to master. My 8 year old daughter can play the games that earn cash. She knows what to press and finds it fun. Teens can work on their own account in the summer of when they are not in school. The TOS (Terms Of Service) says that a person 13 and up can earn on their own account on Swagbucks.

So, now that you have a few reasons why, let’s get down to the how! How do I actually earn money every month from Swagbucks? I am going to give my honest routine and let you know also what is a waste of time, for me.

Here is Some Proof

If you are like me, you want to see proof before you use a new app. I totally understand! Here is a report of the last few months. As you can see, the average is at least $25.00 per month. This was made mostly passively or by doing activities that I don’t have to babysit. I hope you can find some new ways to earn also!

How to Earn About $25.00 Per Month on Swagbucks

#1- Daily to Do List

Once you sign up for Swagbucks, look on the left side, in about the middle. You will find a, “To Do List” like the following:

The, “To Do List” is made up of several activities that you can do very quickly to earn.

*** Each Swagbuck (SB) is worth $.01***

  • Daily Poll- a quick question (1 SB)
  • Daily Search- When you click on this, it will search their predetermined topic. (1 SB) Also, sometimes you will get a random search prize, which I was able to get 8 SB today.
  • Deal of the Day- This will go to their predetermined Deal of the Day (1 SB)
  • Daily Activity- This is if you install your Swagbutton Bar. With the Swagbutton Bar, you can use Swagbucks even easier. Note: The Swagbutton Bar is a browser extension that runs on your computer. You will see it up in the right hand of your screen, once installed. With the Swagbutton Bar, you will get regular updates of free Swagbucks codes, contests, and special deals. Also, there is a Watch Section right on the browser. There is also a shopping area, if you are shopping online, it activates percentages off that are returned to you in Swagbucks. It is definitely worth installing. Click here to install.
  • Daily Discover- This is an offer area. I look at the Peanut Lab area. If I see something easy, I will try it. In all honesty, some of these offers do not credit. I try to do the quick ones to see if I can get a few points. (1-5 SB)
  • Bonus for completing 6 out of 8 items on my list- 3-5

So, for doing the, “To Do List” you can get about 9-12 SB

Proof Below:

#2 Watch Videos

Every day, I go to the Watch Section on Swagbucks. See below for where this is on the homepage. Then, I go to the NCrave Section. It is on the left under, “Watch Home.” In this area, there are several playlists that are worth 2 SB. The ones with the orange circle in the right corner replay and keep earning 1 SB after the first 2. This can sometimes run for quite awhile. If it stops you can restart it. From the Watch Section I usually earn quite a few SB per day. (Proof Below) If you can get about 40-50 SB from this section, that would be great for your totals. Some days, it just won’t run very well. But most days, it will. If the first video does not work, you can try the next one and go through until you find one that will work.


#3 Play Free Games

Back at the home page, go to the section that says, “Play.”

Down at the bottom, there are 3 free games. They are Swagasarus Run, Swag Jump, Swag Memory. I try to play these games. I like Swag jump. You can get 10 SB per day for the games. Every other game will give you 2 points. You can not just play them fast, over and over or it will not credit. So, in total, you can get 10 SB per day for this area.

# 4 Meet Daily Goal

Up at the top of the homepage, there is a section called Daily Goal. You should try to reach your goal, if you can. If you do reach your goal, you get what are called streaks. They are the following:

  • 7 day goal met- 25 SB
  • 14 day goal met- 100 SB
  • 21 day goal met- 200 SB
  • 31 day goal met- 300 SB

Even if you don’t meet your weekly goals, you do get bonus SB for meeting your goals on whatever days you do meet them. At the beginning of the month, they will release these points. They are under the same, “Daily Goal” tab. This will be called, “Daily Meter Bonus.” Make sure you claim this at the beginning of the month. It is not automatic. You will be able to add this to your total. My total for February was not the highest but it is $.57!

In total, you should make at least what I did or more per month for your Daily Goal.

#5 Swagbucks Apps

There are several Swagbucks Apps that you can download to your devices. I try to run them every day. The daily results will vary. You care supposed to get 10 SB from each per day. Sometimes they do freeze up and act up. Sometimes, however they work well. They can also give bonuses. So, if you at least get 20 per day from the apps, you will be doing great. Here are the apps that I use:

Lifestylz App



So, if you do all of these things above you should be able to come up with at least $25 per month.

To Do- 9-12 SB

Games- 10 SB

NCrave- 40-50 SB

Daily Apps- 20 SB

Bonus Per Month- 57 SB

Daily Stuff= 90 SB times 30 days = 2700 plus monthly 57 SB (at least)= 2757 SB Per Month

2757 SB are enough to cash out a $25 Pay Pal, which is 2500 SB. Or, you also can get a deal on an Amazon gift card for 2200 SB for $25. But, I personally like the cash! There are tons of other gift cards as well, for stores, restaurants, charities, etc….

If you like the idea of Swagbucks and want to try it, please consider using my referral link here!

I honestly hope this tutorial helps someone start or work on their Emergency Fund, maybe make ends meet, or pay for an extra that they usually could not! I have used Swagbucks for years, for this!

There are lots of other ways to make money on Swagbucks. However, these are the ways that work the most for me. Maybe I will do another article in the future about additional ways to earn on Swagbucks.

Best of Luck! Let me know if you try anything new!


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