How I Made $252.89 in March 2019 on the side, from Apps, Websites, Selling Crafts, Credit Card Rewards, and More!

Well, here we are in April already! How has your side gig life been doing? I have been doing pretty well with my websites, apps and other side jobs. I didn’t do a report for February, time just got away… but I wanted to get one up for March. Most of the apps are doing well, I have been really trying to focus on more earnings and looking at other passive streams of income. I have lots of hopes and goals! Would like to do some ebooks at some point. Has anyone done those? We all have to start somewhere! Anyways, here are some ways that I earned in March and hopefully it will give you some inspiration to try something new, even if it is not any of these ideas!

Swagbucks $25.00

In March, I cashed out at Swagbucks. Swagbucks is called a GPT site that lets you earn from watching videos, clipping coupons, doing surveys, taking polls and more! I did a recent article that shows step by step how to earn at least $25.00 a month on Swagbucks. You can find it here:

How I Actually Make At Least $25.00 Per Month on Swagbucks (With Screenshot Proof and Tips!)

Here is some proof of last month’s cash out:

Earning Station $25.00

In March, I earned $25.00 from Earning Station. Earning Station is similar to Swagbucks. You can earn from a lot of the same areas. I earn some from videos. I will say it is getting harder to earn there, which is disappointing. The videos do not give as many points as they used to. It also may be my internet. We have a slower connection, since we moved out more to the country. But you can still make money if you work a little at it. I have a step-by-step tutorial on how to earn on Earning Station here:

How to Earn $25.00 A Month On Earning Station

Here is proof of my current earnings, I need to cash out my $25.00!

Selling Crafts $26.00

In March, I made $26.00 for selling a craft item. I do a lot of crochet in my spare time. I also have a blog at: where I am publishing free patterns, if you are interested!

Ibotta $23.48

I cashed out $23.48 on my Ibotta account in March. Ibotta is a receipt scanning app that you can make money from when you scan your grocery receipts. I also like to coupon. Sometimes you can get items free or almost free when you scan! Please click on my referral link if you are interested. Ibotta has teams where you can work together to earn! Here is a link to an article I did in the past about Ibotta.

That Time I used Ibotta and Other Apps to Pay for My Cinco De Mayo Dinner and a Bunch of Other Stuff…

Heartbeat App- $5.00

Heartbeat is a new app for me. They pay you to post about brands to your Instagram account. I don’t have a huge following, around 800 (on my Crochet Instagram here). If you have a larger following, you can earn more! So, if the brand can tie into my content, I will try to earn a little from it! You can sign up for the Heartbeat program here:

Here is some payment proof:

Coin Out App $12.09

Coin Out is a fun, easy app. All you have to do is download it from the app store. After this you can scan every receipt you get to earn money! You can usually earn about $.01- $.12 per receipt. Typically, I can scan about 7 or 8 receipts before it tells me to come back tomorrow. You can cash out to Pay Pal, Amazon or others. It is super easy! They also have a great referral program right now. You can get $1.00 for every friend that you refer. So, sign up and refer your mom, dad, kids, grandma, etc…!

Here is a larger article I did about Coin Out:

How To Use Coin Out App To get Cash Back on Every Purchase $2.00

I cashed out $2.00  worth of money from Perk through PayPal.  This is a GPT (get paid to) site that you earn from watching videos, completing free offers, doing surveys, taking quizzes, etc…  I do not do the offers that cost money.  If you are interested, my affiliate link is here.  My favorite way to earn from Perk is to watch videos.  I have a spare tablet that I use for this.

Field Agent- $44.08

It was a great month on Field Agent for me! I did a pizza review, a hair dye review, an egg review and more! Field Agent is an app that pays you to buy and review items, review customer service, and post on social media. I like to do the mystery shops. I pick the ones that have items I would buy anyways. It is fun and I am out anyways. You can cash out right to your checking or savings account. There is not a referral program so just look for it in the app store!

Here is payment proof:

Here is another in depth article I did about Field Agent:

How I Made $222.65 With The Field Agent App in 2018

Fetch Rewards- $25.00 Walmart Gift Card

I cashed out a $25.00 gift card to Walmart in March on Fetch Rewards. Fetch is another receipt scanning app. They pay you to scan your grocery receipts. They do not have Pay Pal (sad face) so I got a Walmart Gift Card instead.

Fetch Rewards is running a special right now where you can earn 3,000 points when you scan your first receipt. This is enough for a $3.00 gift card to Amazon, or Target. Then, you can refer your friends and earn more. I really like this app. It also finds items on my receipt that they are partners with and they pay bonus points for this. Please use my referral code for the bonus!

My code is GW1VN.

Here is an article I did about Fetch Rewards:

How to Use Fetch Rewards to Get Cash Back on Every Grocery Purchase

Amazon Affiliates- $11.03

I earned $11.03 from my Amazon Affiliate account in March. This is from both of my blogs. I am an Amazon Affiliate. This is where you get paid to place ads on your blog and earn a small commission when people click on your link and buy something. You can sign up at if you are interested!

Credit Card Rewards- $54.21

I have a credit card that I use mostly for bills and gas. I pay this off every month. I earned $54.21 in cash back in March with this.

So, the total for all of this was $252.89. I think this was pretty good! I know this is not for everyone, but I also have a part time job and 2 kids with a busy life. But I also have GOALS! So, I like to do these little things on the side that add up! I have other financial goals that I don’t want to touch our house hold money to attain. It is a challenge I have set for myself! So, that is my why.

What do you do to earn a little more? Have you tried any of these sites or ideas? Do you have any other ideas? I would love to hear about it!

Happy Earnings!


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