How I Made $103.40 In August from Websites, Apps, Credit Card Rewards and More!

I decided to do an update today about my monthly earning from websites and apps. I had taken some time off from updating but, I still plugging away at them. We had moved out into the countryish, and our internet is satellite and metered. Which really stinks! But, I have worked in some other ways to earn. So here I am with this month’s update!

Field Agent- $4.98

Field Agent is a fun app that gives you tasks to do to earn money. Sometimes you review a product which they reimburse you for and also pay you for the review. Other times, you may take a picture of a display and report on what is in stock. If you try out Field Agent, consider using my referral code: kt5vmff. I have a complete article about Field Agent here:

How I Made $222.65 With The Field Agent App in 2018

Swagbucks- $25.00

This month I redeemed 2200 points for a $25.00 Amazon gift card. The Amazon gift cards are cheaper than the Pay Pal ones which are 2500 points. I decided to use the Amazon card, this month. Swagbucks is a consistent earner for me. I can usually earn $25 a month on Swagbucks. You can earn from watching videos, completing surveys, taking quizzes and doing offers. I have a complete article on Swagbucks here:

How I Actually Make At Least $25.00 Per Month on Swagbucks (With Screenshot Proof and Tips!)

Ibotta- $20.00

This month, I was able to cash out $20.00 on Ibotta. Ibotta is a grocery app that you scan your receipts onto. The app will match up the receipts with your saved offers and you will earn cash back! I love using Ibotta. I have a more complete article on Ibotta here:

Coinout $14.00

Coin out is a receipt scanning app. CoinOut lets you scan pretty much any receipt and earn money back on the purchase. I really like CoinOut. It is easy to earn with and they have a great referral program, if you want to invite your friends and family, you can get $1.00 per referral. If you try Coin Out, please consider using my referral link which is here.

Perk $4.00

Perk is a website and app, similar to Swagbucks. With Perk, you can earn by taking surveys, completing offers and lots of other activities. I like to earn by watching videos. I let them play while I am working on other activities.

Recycling $2.42

I try to remember to recycle all my cans. I will also pick them up, if I see them out and about.

Amazon Affiliate- $10.75

I earned from being an Amazon affiliate this month. It is not much, but it all adds up! This is earned from 3 months ago as they pay out 3 months later. If you have a blog or even a Twitter Account, you may want to consider becoming an Amazon Affiliate.

1Q App- $.25

I earned a quarter from the 1Q App. It is a super easy app that sends you 1 question. You have a certain amount of time to answer the question. They immediately deposit $.25 into your account. I have a complete article about 1Q here:

Credit Card Rewards: $22.00

This month, I cashed out $22.00 in credit card rewards. I use my card and pay it off each month. I do not suggest this if you have a hard time paying credit cards back. But, this works for me.

Total For August= $103.40

This is not my best month, but not too bad, for not much effort!

Bonus Tip!

Also, right now Fetch Rewards is offering 3,000 points when you join their program by scanning your first receipt. Fetch Rewards is a great app that pays you back for your grocery purchases. 3,000 points is worth a $3.00 gift card, which you can redeem for immediately. If you would like to sign up for Fetch Rewards, click here. Please use my code GW1VN at sign up. And don’t forget to scan ANY grocery receipt from the last week to get the points!!

I hope you are able to save and earn some money this month!


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