How to get Free or Very Reduced Groceries from Walmart and Shopkick

I love to watch coupon You Tubers. I always learn new tips and techniques. I have been using the app called Shopkick on and off for a couple of years. Shopkick has several ways that you can earn from. Shopkick rewards you when you go into some stores through what they call “walk in kicks”. For example, Walmart has a walk in kick of 10 kicks. These kicks covert to $.004 per kick. With Walmart and other retailers, you can also get lots of kicks by just scanning items. You do not need to purchase the items. So, when you are doing some regular shopping you could scan some items. It all adds up! For example, here are a few offers I have at Walmart to scan, right now:

So for the Frosted Flakes, for example, you can get the scan kicks, which are 20= $.08. But you can also get 300 kicks ($1.20) back for buying the item. And here is the great thing, the trial sizes or smaller sizes also usually qualify! (Just be sure to read the fine print on all offers!)

For the package of Frosted Flakes shown below, my Walmart charges $.86. When I purchase these and scan them into Shopkick to claim the kicks, I get back $1.20 and also $.08 if I scanned them also. This means that I get paid $.42 for every package. And it resets!! I have done this deal and others several times.

I also have another example. There is a Suave deal where you can buy 2 Suave items and get back 800 kicks (400 for each item) and 250 kicks for buying both items. There are several products that qualify for this deal. There is a men’s 3 in one shampoo/ conditioner in the trial size area that qualifies. Then, I purchased a Suave Professional bottle of shampoo. This one has to be a 18 oz, according to the app. So, for my prices they are $2.94 for the Professional Shampoo and $.97 for the Suave Men’s. So the total for these two items are $3.91. But you will get 1050 kicks for buying both of these which is $4.20 and a $.29 money maker!

There are lots of offers on Shopkick. Not all of them produce free items. But lots of them give you a great rebate that can pay for much of the item. And, to my knowledge, they can be combined with coupons!

So if you would like to try Shopkick, please use my referral code. We will each get 250 Shopkicks when you sign up and either scan a receipt with a qualifying item or scan an item, while shopping (no need to purchase for the second option.) You have 7 days from sign up to complete this activity to get the 250 bonus! My referral code is: SHOP604032. It will also link to my referral on the Shopkick links in this article.

What do you think? Will you try Shopkick? Do you use other apps to save or get money back? I would love to hear!


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