10 Free Kindle Books Available Right Now!

Right now there are tons of book you can get for free on Amazon! Did you know that these can be read on any device? You do not need to have a Kindle. You can read more about reading on a device in this article.

Here are some good, free books that I found today! Remember the price can change at any time so please check the price before purchasing!

Less Chat, More Cash The ChatGPT Money Making Guide : How to make money with Chat GPT ? Kindle Edition

The “I Love My Air Fryer” Comfort Food Recipe Book: From Chicken Parmesan to Small Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies, 175 Easy and Delicious Recipes (“I Love My” Cookbook Series) Kindle

How to be a Beginner and Create Wealth Like a Pro: Simple and effective steps to creating wealth and financial freedom Kindle Edition

Introduction to Canning: Beginner’s Guide to Safe Water Bath and Pressure Canning (Food Preservation Mastery) Kindle Edition

9 Money Habits Keeping You Poor: My Story to Financial Freedom Kindle Edition

How to Make a Budget: A Guide to Creating a Budget for Better Money Management – ( Household Budget, Family Budget, Budget Planner, Budget Template, Budget Worksheet ) Kindle Edition

The Beginners Water Bath Canning Recipe Book; Part 1: Easy Homemade, To-The-Point Techniques for Canning and Preserving Pickles, Salsa, Jams, Jellies, Butters and More. Kindle Edition

Cooking with Rice and Grains: Re-Imagining Brown Rice, Quinoa, and Lentils (Rice Cookbook, Quinoa Cookbook, Lentil Cookbook, Quinoa Recipes, Lentil Recipes Book 1) Kindle Edition

Easy Fritter Cookbook: 50 Delicious Fritter Recipes (Fritter Recipes, Fritter Cookbook Book 1) Kindle Edition

Unplug & Thrive: Off-Grid Living to Embrace a Healthier, Happier, and Self-Sustaining Life Kindle Edition

Happy Reading!!

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