Frugal Crafts

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I am a, “crafty lady”.  I love all sorts of crafts.  My favorites are crochet, sewing, paper crafts, woodworking, kid’s crafts, religious crafts… Um, yeah I like all crafts.  I also like to make my crafts as frugally as possible.  I will be publishing some of my craft ideas on my blog.  As I post them, I will list them here for quick access!

My Crafts:

Plarn from Grocery Bags- A Frugal Crochet Project

Frugal Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

Coupons= Frugal Mother’s Day Gift

Bouquet Final

$4.00 Fabulous Fall Rag Wreath

Fabric 9

Bible Memory Games Series #1- Clothes Pin Game

Clothes Pin Game