How to Get Free Samples with The Checkout 51 App

I love to get freebies, do you? Anything in the mail other than bills and junk is always a nice surprise for me! Recently I discovered a new place to look for freebies. It is on an app that I already have on my phone. This app is called Checkout 51.

Checkout 51 is a great app to have to help you save on groceries and gas. They have several offers all the time where you can get cash back by purchasing a particular item at the store. Then, you scan your receipt and get the cash back. Sometimes it is $.50 back sometimes $1.00 or more. The great thing is that unless it is otherwise stated, the offers can be combined with sales and coupons. So, this can make for some significant savings!

If you would like to try Checkout 51, please click here and register!

Also, if you would like to read about how to get cash back for gasoline using Checkout 51, I have an in depth article here about it:

How to Use Checkout 51 App for Cash Back on Gasoline

Anyways about the freebies! So, if you look at the app, if you scroll down to the bottom, you will see that there are free offers available. Here is a screenshot on what I have on my account:

As, you can see, I have 2 samples available right now. One sample is the Nexcare Duo and one is the Scotch- Brite Advanced Scrub Dots. So I am going to click on each of these to sign up! It is as simple as that!

What do you think, do you like to get free samples? I would love to hear if you try this app!

Happy Saving!

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