How I Made $226.03 on the Side In April 2020 with Swagbucks, Ibotta, Fetch, Coin Out, Selling Stuff and More!!

Well, we have been in Coronavirus pandemic mode for almost two months now. I hope that everyone is well. I hope that people are doing ok financially as well. I am putting together this post to show how you can make money on the side, even in a pandemic. This is a great time to earn some extra cash. Maybe your job has cut hours or there are not any hours at all. First off, I am very sorry. This is such a hard time for everyone. But I hope that I can show you that if you are strategic, you can continue to earn and stretch your money. Maybe there is a new app or way to earn that I can show you here. I really hope so! So here are the ways I was able to make money on the side, this past month.

#1- Swagbucks $45.00

In the month of April, I cashed out a $25.00 Amazon gift card from Swagbucks. This is a great way to stretch your Swagbucks because Amazon gift cards are usually 2,200 points. This is like getting it for 12% off the 2,500 usual points for a $25.00 gift card! As of the first of May, there are an additional $20.00 or 2,000 points that I can cash out for a total of $45.00! If you want more information about how to earn on Swagbucks I have a great article below! With Swagbucks you can earn by clicking on offers, printing coupons, watching videos and many other things you already do!

How I Actually Make At Least $25.00 Per Month on Swagbucks (With Screenshot Proof and Tips!)

#2- Ibotta– $25.83

In April, I was able to cash out $25.83 on Ibotta! Ibotta is a great app where you earn back money on purchases you make everyday such as grocery, toiletries and paper products. Ibotta money can add up fast because you can earn bonuses every month when you purchase certain products! To learn more about Ibotta, read my article below! My referral code for Ibotta is ekebnhr. Join my team so we can earn more together!

That Time I used Ibotta and Other Apps to Pay for My Cinco De Mayo Dinner and a Bunch of Other Stuff…

# 3 Coinout– $8.64

Coinout is one of my favorite apps to earn cash back because it is so easy! Coinout gives you a little cash back for every receipt you scan. This includes receipts at the grocery store, the gas statation, clothing stores and so many more! Coinout also has a great referral program. So, once you start earning by scainning a receipt, you can invite your friends and family and get back $1.00 for every referral. So get your mom and dad and husband to sign up and start earning!

How To Use CoinOut App To get Cash Back on Every Purchase

#4 Making Crafts To Sell- $102.00

In April, I sold a few items to friends. I love to crochet and sew. I make all sorts of things and people will ask me to make certian special items for Birthdays and such. I crocheted 2 Elvis dolls for a friend, sewed several masks and also sold some chapstick holders that I make. I recently opened an Etsy shop if you would like to see and you can also look at my Instagram account for my craft items, I will leave a link below!

Crochet and Craft With Me Instagram!

#5 Fetch Rewards– $5.00

In the month of April, I was able to cash out $5.00 from Fetch Rewards. I really enjoy Fetch Rewards. Fetch gives you money back for your grocery receipts. They give a small amount for every receipt. They also have special items that give you even more points. Sometimes there are also free items on the app as well. Fetch has a great referral program. Right now when you sign up for Fetch and scan your first receipt, you can get 2,000 points. This is equal to $2.00. You can cash out at $3.00 to Amazon and other places, so you will just need a few more receipts. If you use my code at sign up, you can earn after you scan your first receipt! My code is GW1VN! Here is another article that I wrote about Fetch Rewards:

How to Use Fetch Rewards to Get Cash Back on Every Grocery Purchase

#6 Credit Card Rewards $27.58

There are certain bills that I pay online and with credit card. This is not for everyone but I do this to earn cash back for my purchases. I also pay this off each month. So, I earned $27.58 for my purchases.

#7 Field Agent– 10.48

This month I earned $10.48 from Field Agent. Field Agent is a great app where you get paid to do small jobs like mystery shop, try out a product or watch a product demo. Sometimes I even get free pizza from Field Agent! Field Agent can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store. If you would like to try Field Agent please use my code: kt5vmff. I have a great article on Field Agent, if you want to see it click here:

How I Made $222.65 With The Field Agent App in 2018

#8 1Q– $1.50

1Q is a fun app. Every so often 1 question pops up. If I answer it in a few minutes then, I will be awarded $.25. This is not much. However it is super easy and pops up on my phone every so often. For this one, they asked several questions so I was able to ean $1.50. This goes right to my Pay Pal account. I you are interested in 1Q click here to download!

So that is it for April! Not too bad for mostly scanning receipts, doing easy tasks, making crafts which I enjoy, and more! What do you think? Do you see any apps that you have not tried but want to? I would love to hear about it!

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