How I used Ibotta to Purchase 16 food Items for 21 CENTS!

Have you tried Ibotta yet? If you have not you are missing out! A couple of days ago, I noticed that I had a couple of great bonuses available on my Ibotta account. One bonus was $10.00 when you do 10 rebates. This was called the Pumpkin Spice bonus. The other bonus was $2.00 back when you complete 4 rebates. This was called the Weekend Warrior Bonus. When I looked through the items available, I decided that I could come up with a great scenario. I headed to Walmart to see what I could do. For this transaction, I didn’t use any coupons. I just used the Ibotta rebate app.

-Here is what I bought, they all had Ibotta rebates on my app:

-Sunkist Orange $1.25  Ibotta Rebate $.25

-Dave’s Bread $4.97    Ibotta Rebate $.65

-Ginger Ale       $1.58  Ibotta Rebate $.25

-3 Yogurts 1.14 x 3= $3.42  Ibotta Rebate  $1.00 for 3

-Success Rice $1.97   Ibotta Rebate $.50

-Classico Pasta Sauce $1.82   Ibotta Rebate $.50

-Mahatma Rice  $1.88    Ibotta Rebate $1.88  (free offer)

-5 Fillows Cereal $3 each $15.00  Ibotta Rebate $15.00 (free)

-Knorr Chicken Fried Rice  $1.84  Ibotta Rebate $.50

-A and W Root Beer  $1.58  Ibotta Rebate $.25

-Any Item  Ibotta Rebate $.20

-Total $35.31 plus .31 tax= $35.44  Total Rebates: $20.98

=35.44- $20.98 rebates- $10.00 Pumpkin Spice Rebate- $4.00 Weekend Warrior Rebate- Halloween Flavors Rebate $.25=  $.21

21 CENTS Y’all!

Here is some proof:

Are you convinced to try Ibotta yet? If you would like to sign up click the link here and enter your information!

I have another article about Ibotta, if you need more information!

That Time I used Ibotta and Other Apps to Pay for My Cinco De Mayo Dinner and a Bunch of Other Stuff…

I hope you try out Ibotta! It can make a big difference in your grocery budget.

Happy Savings!


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