How to “Roll” Walgreens Points to Stock up on Essentials

Many years ago, I started couponing at Walgreens. I enjoy couponing at Walgreens for many reasons. Walgreens has some great sales on bath, body, and cleaning products. Often times, these are the same products that have high value coupons available. Walgreens also has a couple of great rewards programs. One is called the Balance Rewards Program. Every week, there are certain products, on sale, that also allow you to collect Balance Rewards when you purchase them. The Balance Rewards can be used on your next purchase. Or, you could save them up to buy something larger. Here is a breakdown of how the points convert to dollars:

Another program that Walgreens has is called their Register Rewards Programs. Almost every week, they have items that offer money back on a “Register Reward”. These can be used to buy other products. These are paper coupons that print out after you purchase the highlighted items. Register Rewards look like this:

So, the fun thing is, if you can combine some of these cash back techniques with sales and coupons, you can get some really discounted items!

So for example, this week there is a sale on Irish Spring body wash. The Body Wash cost is $3.99. When you buy two of them, you will get back 5,000 points. Here is the deal:

  • Buy 2 Irish Body Wash @ $3.99
  • Spend $7.98
  • Get Back 5,000 points which= $5.00 back

If you are not a part of the Walgreens Balance Rewards Program, you can sign up here.

This week there are coupons in the paper that you can use on these. (Smart Source Insert 5/5) So, the deal would be:

  • Buy 2 Irish Body Wash @ $3.99
  • Use 2 $1.00 off coupons
  • Spend $5.98
  • Get Back 5,000 points which= $5.00 back

But here is the fun part. This deal can be rolled. Since it says “buy” on the language of the sales flyer you can do the deal again with points. If it had said when you “spend” you would not be able to do this. Confusing… But it does work. So this time, using points, the deal would be:

  • Buy 2 Irish Body Wash @ $3.99
  • Use 2 $1.00 off coupons
  • Ring up and enter that you want to use 5,000 points from last transaction
  • Spend $.98
  • Get Back 5,000 points which= $5.00 back
  • So each Irish Spring would be $.49 Each

You can do this deal as many times as you have coupons! This is a way to stock up for really cheap on nicer body washes or other toiletries when they have them on sale!

So what do you think? Do you “stack” deals and coupons and cash back? I would love to hear what you do to save!

Happy Couponing!


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